The philosophy of Nihon Takaiyama Karatedo (NTK) is represented in our name and logo.

Nihon = Japan   Takaiyama = High Mountain   Karatedo = Empty Hands Way

The name thus represents the idea of reflecting on our progress in “climbing the mountain”, a metaphor for achieving knowledge in Karatedo. No one can ever reach the top of the mountain, but must always strive to continue to climb further, to continually work on improving ourselves and our knowledge in Karatedo.

In addition to this philosophy of continual improvement, all students in our Dojos are taught that:

  • Karate should only ever be used in the real world as self defense

  • Karate begins and ends with respect for one’s self and for others

  • The lessons you learn in karate often apply to life

Training at NTK includes the learning and practice of:

  • Basic Techniques
  • Katas, forms or prescribed patterns of movement that utilize basic techniques together
  • Kumites, scripted fights where two students perform a prescribed set of movements without actually engaging in a literal fight
  • Shihai, where students actually fight, using “Super-Safe” protective equipment, in order to apply the techniques they have learned while being able to do so without fear of injury.